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#EDUC90970 – Reflections

#EDUC90970 An Online Course Prototype: Collaborative Decision Making in Project Organisations

This Post presents my course prototype design ‘Collaborative Decision Making in Project Organisations’ based on my teaching of the ‘Project Safety Management’ course at Curtin University in 2014 and 2015. The original course was about safety, but the learning activities in the process were found to be an effective platform for cultivating students’ capabilities of…

#EDUC90970 Reflection 4 – CoI vs. CoP

My CoI experience continued and how it worked Let me elaborate on my previous point that ‘teaching presence’ in a Community of Inquiry (CoI) means leadership rather than administration. The key element that distinguish a CoI from an ordinary social community lies in the element of ‘inquiry’, which means scrutinising and critically questioning each other’s…

#EDUC90970 Reflection 3 – What makes a theory actionable and a CoI work?

Thanks to Sam Emmanuel John’s comments on my Reflection 2. In this Post, I will share some thoughts inspired by his comments before sharing some personal experience with a Community of Inquiry. The next two paragraphs make a brief discussion about ‘actionable knowledge’ (Argyris 2003). The last two paragraphs make a reflection on my CoI…

#EDUC90970 Reflection (2) Actionable Community of Inquiry Framework (ACIF)

I further simplified the Actionable Community of Inquiry framework into Figure 3. Let’s give it an abbreviation – ACIF. Based on Garrison et al (2000, 2004), Garrison and Arbaugh (2007)  and Garrison (2007), the ACIF is articulated as follows: The basic assumption of the CoI theory is that a meaningful educational experience happens only in a living…

Making the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework ‘actionable’

Thanks Thomas and my fellow academics for this public online Community of Inquiry under the #EDUC90970 Subject. I am not immediately used to the level of exposure to so many public online platforms, and will need some time to adapt a boundary of information sharing. But this is certainly an important and necessary exercise toward…


In this series of posts I plan to share some personal experience and reflection on Community of Inquiry (COI) vs Community of Practice (COP). I will then discuss the difference between them and make recommendations for online teaching practice.

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